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A near neigbour to Cambodia, Laos has similar Buddhist religion and culture. The Lao People Democratic Republic became Communist in 1975 but outwardly the visitor would not notice.
The Laos landscape is mountainous with spectacular limestone karsts, peaks soaring almost vertically from the flat Valleys. It is trekkers paradise with some of the best walking in SE Asia

Vientiane is the small capital city. Laid out on a French style plan with wide boulevards it is a  pleasantly low rise and spacious city.
The Mekong River forms most of the border with Thailand so you are never far from this major Asian Waterway
Buddhism is the National religion here. The Wats and Pagodas are very similar to those seen in Thailand and Cambodia. Those seen in Luang Prabang are very atmospheric

With probably the best trekking in south east Asia, Northern Laos is a haven for those wanting spectacular mountain scenery and hill tribe culture almost untouched by tourism.  The people her are very laid back and a little quiet. I have added a few people shots taken since my first visit in 2007