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Pearng Kumnou
Our slogan “We take you to places normal tours don’t go” was certainly trueon 15th June when at the end of a Koh Ker Explorer Tour we offered Wendy and Jean, expats living in Borneo the chance to go to a unique site on the fringes of the Kulen Range, which few people have ever heard of let alone visited.
Pearng Kumnou is an extraordinary place with exquisite bas reliefs on huge house sized boulders including stunning reliefs of Ganesh the elephant god and Reclining Vishnu. The landscape is littered with these massive stones that cover a valley on the outer edge of Phnom Kulen. Its amazing to me what forces were at work to move those massive boulders to this location. Tropical Cambodia would never have been glaciated; I could only speculate on the awesome cataclysm that may have put them there.
I will not state the actual location; so If you want to visit this place. Peace Of Angkor can take your there. We do this occasionally as part of some of our remote Northern Cambodia Tours. It could be done as a day trip too.
I first knew of this place 5 years ago; a few weeks after Ta Elit had visited the place for the first time. We detoured here after a tour to Preah Vihear and Koh Ker in the dry season. The route involves some of the most exciting 4WD driving in the area. For Camry’s and minibuses forget it. The narrow sand trail access road with deep ruts and long rocky sections take you up to this isolated and surreal valley with a tiny community surrounding a simple wooden pagoda.
On this trip heavy rain the previous day made the experience even more of an adventure. Much of the route was overgrown deeply rutted and awash with water. My Landcruiser is in its element here; this truck has taken me over the toughest and nastiest terrain this country can offer. Its only limitation is driver skill and sometimes ground clearance. This route is not for the inexperienced in the rainy season.

We were taking Sorn and Elliot here for the first time. Elliot shot a lot of images from inside the vehicle and hanging out of the window. Wendy and Jean described the experience as being the highlight of their Cambodian Tour. Sorn thought I was crazy to attempt it; but enjoyed the Pearn Kumnou site a lot. Elliot was enjoying photographing and bouldering amongst the huge rocks.
The return leg was a bit easier than the way up but there were a few occasions where the mud was very deep so care and some reversing had to be taken to avoid being bogged down.
Kbal Spean VishnuGreen Pit Viper;small but poisonous;Kbal SpeanStrange face in the rock;Kbal SpeanKbal Spean waterfallsPrasat Thom pyramidPrasat Pram, Koh KerThe Moat at Prasat Thom Showing the red overgrown tower  of Prasat KrahomThe Road to Pearng KumnouThe Road to Pearng KumnouThe Road to Pearng KumnouThe Pagodaits a lonely life for the 2 people who live at the pagodaReclining VishnuAncient bas reliefs painted laterThe giant Garuda on rockWendy and EllotThe Road to Pearng KumnouElliot BouderingJean, Elliot and Wendy among the massive rocks.Some of the massive rocks

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