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Mystery Lake Village
A week ago Ta told me of a remote village on the Tonle Sap Lake which he was planning to visit with our friend Tung Tung from Singapore. There was no evidence of it on the maps. but I subsequently found out it was called approximatly: Kanthoou, Kantoo or maybe even Ta Thou. None of us had been there so it was likely to an interesting experience. We invited Elliot Leuthold who has just joined the team.
This is what we found there.
20th May we left Siem reap and found the track which led to an isolated farm.  The family were living in a crude shelter for the dry season monthsPigletsTung Tung from Singapore and Ta Elit at the small farmCute pigs and cute girlYou can see the two wheeled tractor, mechanical buffalo. It’s a versatile vehicle, which can be used, with tyred wheels for road use. A cart can be attached for moving goods or people.Tung acting as hairdresserThe stilt house village is permanent; most of the homes are recently built in typical style. By September the whole area will be under water; bikes and motos will be stored upstairs and canoes will beThe villagers were incredibly friendly; they were very exited to see us and invited us into their houses and. We were probably the first foreigners many had ever seen.Cambodian rural life in the villges lake and rice fieldsThe Head Monk showing me the plans for the new School and vilage hall.Cambodian rural life in the villges lake and rice fieldsan alternative use for a canoe in the dry season.New housesThe Brides father.The mirrorShooting around the village I came across the ex Khmer boxer with tattoos.Unusual hybrid boat cartCambodian rural life in the villges lake and rice fieldsThe wedding coupleHair cut Sir!

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