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The Theme Park Muang Borang south of Bangkok is one of the lesser known wonders of Thailand. Covering a vast 400 acre site, it contains replicas of famous historic sites and fantasy structures which have been lovingly created. The attention to detail is impressive. The second part is the other sites tom be seen here. Its a diverse collection of reproduction and reconstructions of buildings and temples all over Thailand. There are many fantasy buildings as well depicting Buddhist history.
150124162- Grand Palace150124167- Grand Palace150124169- Grand Palace150124170- Grand Palace150124203- Phra Keaw Pav150124224- Phra Keaw Pav150124227- Phra Keaw Pav150124236- Phra Keaw Pav150124239- Phra Keaw Pav150124151- Sacred Stupa Garden 92150124152- Sacred Stupa Garden 92150124161- Pallava group 8150124241- Rainbow Br150124258- Pav of Enlightened 110150124255- Pav of Enlightened 110150124257- Pav of Enlightened 110150124259- Bhodhisattva Fountain 106150124271- Bhodhisattva Fountain 106150124273- Bhodhisattva Fountain 106150124284- Sala of Ramayana 107

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