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The Theme Park Muang Borang south of Bangkok is one of the lesser known wonders of Thailand. Covering a vast 400 acre site, it contains replicas of famous historic sites and fantasy structures which have been lovingly created. The attention to detail is impressive. The first part in Includes replicas of some of the temples built during the Khmer Empire which covered a large part of southern and easteern Thailand in and around the 12th Century.
The most impressive feature is a third size model of Preah Vihear on the Thai Cambodian border. The model , under reconstruction on my visit, is built on an artificial 60metre high hill and is 200mteres long.
150124008- P Vihear150124016- P Vihear150124013- P Vihear150124020- P Vihear150124023- P Vihear150124040- P Vihear150124042- P Vihear150124050- P Vihear150124048- P Vihear150124051- P Vihear150124064- P Vihear150124056- P Vihear150124070- P Vihear150124086- Wat Phanom Rung 87150124063- P Vihear Dave150124096- Wat Phanom Rung 87150124102- Wat Phanom Rung 87150124111- Pr Sadok Kok Thom 93150124084- Wat Phanom Rung 87150124113- Pr Sadok Kok Thom 93

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