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I have met many good people on my latest trip in Nepal. Here are just a few of them taken on the Millenium Trek in a little known area south of Pokhara in the Annapurna region. Its a beautiful place with the most hospitable people I could ever wish to meet.
The Highlights were the Coming Of Age Celebration of a 19 year old and the warm welcomes in the family homes I had the pleasure of staying in.
The last part Is the Biskit Jatra Festival in Bhaktapur. At the time of writing the Festival is still in progress. The scenes of hundreds pf people doing a tug of war with a huge chariot is an amazing sight. More images and videos are to come.
150406056- red ladies150402055- Dinner150403007- Nitiyanth Marg150402022- Load Ahead150403043- Durbar Sq150403067- Pushpahal Marg150404006- Kathmandu West150404084- Indra driver150406142- Coming Of Age celeb150406148- Coming Of Age celeb150406159- Coming Of Age celeb150406213- Coming Of Age celeb- High Priest150406150- Coming Of Age celeb150406212- Coming Of Age celeb- High Priest150406161- Priest fire150406220- wood carrying women150406235- New rd- Mr Shrestha150406333150406313- New baby150406319- New baby

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